AJFF preview: ‘Nora's Will'

"Nora's Will"

As the title of this amusing Mexican film suggests, "Nora’s Will" is all about Nora.

Well, truth be told, Nora spends most of her time as a corpse. Still, the will of the title has a dual meaning: On the one hand, it’s a legal document; on the other, it’s the force of Nora’s fiercely posthumous inner-control freak. She's the sort of woman who thinks ahead: She even leaves a pot of hot coffee for whoever discovers her.

Trying to fulfill her final wishes brings together an odd assortment of friends, family and well-intentioned (but stubborn) outsiders.

It’s a movie about a death that is life-affirming in the extreme.

3:40 p.m. Friday. $8-$10. Lefont Sandy Springs. 5920 Roswell Road. 404-806-9913. www.ajff.org .

Eleanor Ringel Cater, For the AJC