'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' recap, season 2, episode 5

Erica has trust issues with Scrappy.

Credit: VH1

Credit: VH1

Erica has trust issues with Scrappy.

Karlie Redd is the Sheree Whitfield of "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta."

With nothing going on in her life worth showing, she is spreading gossip to insert herself into a bigger storyline.

Last week, Joseline told Stevie J that Karlie had told her Karlie's on-again-off-again Benzino claimed he had slept with Joseline. He made this claim while supposedly showing her a video of Joseline doing something very personal on the Web. Clearly, Karlie is just stirring the pot.

Benzino meets with Karlie and denies ever showing a tape or saying anything about sleeping with Joseline. Is she making this up? Probably not but why bring it up at all? Benzino asks her to just stay away from him.

Stevie J and Benzino had supposedly been long-time friends. Last week, they had confronted each other and "broke up" as bros over the situation without Benzino admitting what he had done.

Meanwhile, Joseline and Stevie J seem to be doing well. Stevie J is signing her to some unnamed "international major label." And they appear happy, wearing robes, drinking wine. But she has conditions.

"I want you to love me like you need to love me and treat me like you need to treat me," she tells Stevie J.

He points out that money is what matters. She feels the more money she makes for him, the further he gets away from her.

(We never find out if she ever gets around to reading the contract she had been demanding previously but I guess she has no issues now.)

And now Stevie J is working with a new artist who appears rougher than Joseline and carries even more tattoos.

In this week's episode, he meets (and flirts with) Che Mack, who popped up for five seconds season one and returns to create more mayhem and tempt Stevie J's loins. Oh, she also wants to make a record.

At Arif Lounge in Sagamore Hills, Che Mack pops up drunk and gets loud and stupid. She tries to talk to Joseline. Joseline ignores Che Mack.

"Let's do this like Brutus," she says. She says she wants to work with Joseline.

"I don't talk to the help," Joseline says (Best line of the night!). Joseline smells danger in this Che Mack.  "Why you talking to this crazy ho?" she asks Stevie J.

Karlie is also working on a diss record against K. Michelle and wants Rasheeda on it.  As if anyone cares.

For some idiotic reason, Karlie meets up with Stevie J and Joseline to try to clear the air - or get into a fight. Or in reality, get some airtime.

"I'm sick of you, ho," Joseline says, greeting her.

Joseline, of course, gets upset with her and is about to throw a plate when the Springer-like security guards intervene.


Traci and DJ Babey Drew were never married. They dated, she got pregnant and he proceeded to not stay loyal to her. Years later, she is still scarred and treats him as if she still has control over his life. She doesn't.

At least she admits to the camera that she still loves him and hasn't moved on, hasn't found another man to love. She can't quite do that to his face. She can't get herself to say to him that they should try again. Then again, maybe he has no desire for any reconciliation.

He meets her at Harold's Chicken in Midtown to try to get his $25,000 from her to invest in his boutique and help their family. Last week, she had walked away without giving him the check because she got upset when she found out he had a lady friend at his house when she stopped by, unannounced.

This time, she repeats how she "deserves" better treatment, that she doesn't want to see him with other women. The real reason? It hurts her heart. He doesn't get it, says he has the right to see any woman he wants as a single man. And he doesn't feel he shoves it in her face.

At least she does agree to meet him at the boutique later and just talk business, implying he'll get his money soon enough.


Mimi has not been intimate with her baby's daddy Stevie J in a long time. Unlike Traci, she has found another man: an old friend Nikko. "I'm loving him right now," she said. "I'm happy."

"Fifteen years with Stevie makes me doubt all men," Mimi said. She's worried he's a music producer, too. He promises he's not like Stevie J - though we'll find out soon enough.

She takes Nikko out to a party and all the lady friends approve. "I like a certain type of swag," she says.


Erica breaks it off with Scrappy. Why? She sees him playing around with other women on his cell phone after she had told him she wanted to "pump the brakes" on the engagement.

In his mind, that meant he could go off and check out other ladies.

In her mind, of course, a break meant just a break. This sounds almost like a "Friends" episode.

But she is no longer wearing her engagement ring - as the cameras show her taking it off in dramatic, gauzy fashion.


K. Michelle, grasping for a storyline, is getting her hoo-hah "bedazzled."


Benzino, seeking a new bro friend, bonds with Rasheeda's husband Kirk over basketball.  Kirk asks Benzino if it's smart for his wife to join Karlie on a diss record. Benzino says it's not wise. Rasheeda, who claims she has a successful on-line clothing site (see below Tweet), isn't too keen on this idea.

Rasheeda finds out she's pregnant but hasn't told Kirk. "As of where we stand right now, this ain't the best time between me and him," she tells Erica.


When Rasheeda tells Kirk about the pregnancy, it doesn't go over well. Some sort of craziness happens on Nikko's music video set.


Last week's show drew 3.06 million viewers. The show has been consistent in its first four episodes, averaging 3 million viewers and a 1.7 18-49 rating. That's better than 'Real Housewives of Atlanta."