Google ‘Thanos’ right now for an Avengers Easter egg

It's not a Google doodle, but the search engine acknowledges the cultural significance of “Avengers: Endgame” in a very cool way today.

Don’t worry if you haven’t seen “Endgame” yet — there are no spoilers here.

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It’s a very simple thing to do. Do a Google search for Thanos.

You’ll get the usual results page, with the “bio” on the right side of the first page of “about 98,000,000 results.” Now, see the gauntlet with the Infinity Stones?

Combined ShapeCaption

Combined ShapeCaption

Click on it, and watch what happens.

When it’s done, look at your results, again.

If you can’t live with what you’ve just done, simply click the gauntlet again.

You’ll love it 3,000 (if you’ve seen “Endgame,” you’ll understand that reference).

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