Georgia Renaissance Festival brings joust, turkey legs to Fairburn

Tickets can be purchased any day of the festival at the front gate box office. Hours: 10:30am - 6:00pm

GATE PRICES Adult Tickets: $19.95 Senior Tickets (60 ): $17.95 Child Tickets (6-12): $8.95 Children 5 and under are free

Where can you find amazing shows, great music, rides for the kids, demonstrations and turkey legs? It's all at the village of New Castle, present day Fairburn, home to the Georgia Renaissance Festival.

"(It's an) eight-week-long festival with the food and the jousting and the staged entertainment and the unstaged entertainment," the town's Lord Mayor John Bullfrog told Nelson's News.  "It is a delightful romp for all ages, from young to old and super old."

The Georgia Renaissance Festival transports guests back in time to a 16th Century kingdom. King Henry VIII rules and the village is filled with knights and ladies, fairies, townspeople and more.

The festival is built around shows. There's plenty of humor, between shows like the Flying Debris Show, the Tortuga Twins, Ded Bob, Barely Balanced and the Mud Show. There are shows with animals including the Birds of Prey. And there are shows that amaze like the Adam Crack Fire Whip Show.

In between shows, there are shops to browse, demonstrations to watch, guests can give archery a go, take a ride on the Nina, Pinta or Santa Maria, try to climb Jacob's Ladder or enjoy some of that famous festival food.

"We have the turkey legs, we have macaroni and cheese on a stick (and) we have pork chops," Bullfrog noted.

Try chicken fried bacon or chocolate covered bacon, too.

The Georgia Renaissance Festival is open Saturdays and Sundays now through June 2. It's open Memorial Day, too. Each weekend brings a different featured act to town and a new theme. Kids free weekend, Highland Fling weekend and pirates weekend are coming up. Guests are more than welcome to dress up when visiting.

Check out the festival on the web to learn more.