Blizzard reveals ‘Halloween Terror’ special event for ‘Overwatch’


Blizzard reveals ‘Halloween Terror’ special event for ‘Overwatch’

Blizzard has revealed this year’s special Halloween event, “Halloween Terror 2017,” for “Overwatch.” The patch went live for PlayStation 4 and PC around 2 p.m. Tuesday. 

Promotional materials reveal that this event, like last year’s, will focus on the reign of terror of “Dr. Junkenstein,” a Halloween-themed version of the character Junkrat. 

The maps Hollywood and Eichenwalde will play host to the special “Junkenstein’s Revenge” game mode during the limited-time event (Oct. 10 – Nov. 1). 

In addition to last year’s Halloween costumes being unlockable during the event, there will also be new costumes, some of which leaked early on Reddit. Dragon Symmetra:

Mei, the Chinese scientist, will get a costume making her resemble a jiangshi, or Chinese hopping vampire. 

The ghostly killer, Reaper, appears to be getting a costume with black armor and a white helmet of some sort. 

The craziest costume revealed so far belongs to Zenyatta, who is transformed into a Lovecraftian nightmare with purple tentacles for a face and green eyes. 

Blizzard officially announced another skin for McCree that it calls Van Helsing-themed. 

The event also introduces Corsair Ana and Viking Torbjorn. 

Last but not least the questionably Halloween-themed Totally ‘80s Zarya outfit. 

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