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Photo: Krista Miller
Photo: Krista Miller

What's the best burger in your Atlanta neighborhood?

Summer and burgers go together like, well summer and burgers! Hamburgers are beloved in Atlanta. They've certainly grown up from the backyard burger of yesteryear. So it's a great thing that they have sprung up on menus all over the city. No matter what neighborhood you live in, you'll find one to love. Below are some of the best in town!

Grant Park - Republic Social House

Is there anything better in the warm weather than a rooftop patio, a cold drink and friends? Well, add in a burger and tots and you'll reach summer Nirvana. Republic Social House has just revamped their menu to include a ton of new treats in the burger sphere. My favorite lately has been the Republic Burger with ground turkey, spinach, goat cheese, mushrooms, tomato and red onion. Or, if you've had a long night, the Hangover will cure what ails you. This monster is served with fries, fried egg, coleslaw all on a quarter pound burger and Texas toast.

Virginia-Highland - Illegal Food

This is the restaurant that the Hank built. The newly opened brick and mortar for the popular burger pop-up has lines of people waiting in Virginia-Highland. If you only have one thing at Illegal Food, it has to be the Hank. Based on Steven's idea of a Big Mac, it is made with house-ground beef, topped with American cheese, lettuce, Vidalia onion, house made pickles and, of course, Special Sauce. It's salty, it's beefy, it's fresh.

Midtown - The Highlander

The Highlander is the heavy metal song of Atlanta restaurants. It's bold and in your face. And the food? Exactly the same way. You can order the tots by the pitcher and the Jager by the shot. But the burgers are where it's at. They have burgers to suit every taste, from a Banh Mi burger to a Texas, Paris Melt. I always go straight for the Jerk though. A heavy dose of their famous jerk seasoning will have you grasping for more Miller High Life, but you'll love every moment.

Emory - The General Muir

After Todd Ginsberg left Bocado, everyone in Atlanta was hoping he would bring his burger Jedi ways with him to The General Muir. And, it happened! Oh, yes, it happened. The General Muir's burger is everything that is wonderful about life. It's made with Gruyere, caramelized onions, crispy pastrami (seriously), Russian, pickles and fries. I won't judge if you order two.

Downtown - Grindhouse

There are now several locations of Grindhouse Killer Burgers around Atlanta and in Athens. But there's something nostalgic about heading to the one in the historic Sweet Auburn Market. Grab a seat at the counter and dive into an Apache Style burger loaded with pepper jack cheese, grilled onions and New Mexico green chilies. They also serve the ultimate in ketchup delivery, crinkle cut fries.

Buckhead - Holeman and Finch

Linton Hopkins can be thanked for many things that he has done for Atlanta. But, can we as a city please give him a standing ovation for making burgers something that great chefs want to put on their menu? No longer the legendary 10 p.m. ritual that had people fighting to get in, this burger still hits all the right notes.

West Side - Bocado

Sometimes there's a dish that feels like coming home. For me, it's the double stack at Bocado. This was the first burger I really fell in love with. It's the burger that we've come to expect from Atlanta restaurants; two thin patties, American cheese, house made pickles and a perfectly fluffy bun. However, there is nothing wrong with this burger. From the burger itself to crispy fries and even the ketchup, it's rare to ever see a not completely clean plate head back to the kitchen.

Candler Park - Fox Bros. BBQ

The burger, OMG, the burger. No, this isn't a burger in a traditional sense. This is a thing of beauty, though; brisket is pilled high on a toasted bun with jalapeno mayo, pimento cheese and red onions. Get it with a side of Brunswick stew for a truly euphoric experience.

Johns Creek - Kozmo Gastro Pub

You don't have to go ITP to get a really amazing burger. Johns Creek is home to a fabulous little spot called Kozmo. And the burgers they are making are really something special. Sirloin and brisket are house-ground and cooked to order with caramelized onions, white cheddar and mayo. Pair it with a signature cocktail.

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Written by Krista Miller of Atlanta Eats