We have a bone to pick with this 'Best Ribs' list


Credit: Thomas Cordy / The Palm Beach Post

Credit: Thomas Cordy / The Palm Beach Post

Georgia's ribs game is just not that strong. At least not, according to the Daily Meal.

The publication unveiled its "America's 35 Best Ribs for 2015" list, and not a single restaurant in Georgia made the cut.

The preliminary list was compiled using editors’ rib-eating experiences, online reviews, best-of lists and readers recommendations. Then, 40 rib experts made a final vote.

Top 10 best ribs for 2015

1. Louie Mueller Barbecue, Taylor, Texas

Despite being overlooked in the rankings, Georgia can hold its own when it comes to barbecue.

From sides to pulled pork to smokey chicken, here are a few of the best rib spots in Atlanta.