Eating in Atlanta around the clock

Atlanta is a city of transplants, and I’m one of the more recent ones. What have I noticed in the two months that I’ve kept a bed in this town? That I haven’t been sleeping, because there’s so much to eat and drink at every hour of the day.

You can start off the day at one of a slew of progressive new coffee shops or hit up established ones that just keep percolating. Couple that cup ’o fair trade, single-origin coffee holding notes of deep berries and cocoa with equally artisanal baked goods. And, if an apple fritter isn’t enough to fill you up, there are myriad spots dishing up hearty Southern breakfasts, some with renditions so modern great-grandma Ida Mae wouldn’t even recognize them (though we’re certain she’d go for seconds).

When hunger strikes at noon, the options are endless, especially when it comes to the all-American favorite: the burger. And for those looking for a lighter bite, the city’s top chefs are tossing up guilt-free salads replete with fall produce that’ll fill you up without weighing you down.

You’re going to want to bank those calories, because, when the whistle blows at 5 p.m., happy hour is calling your name. Whether you work ITP or OTP, there’s a quality cocktail to be had near the office. So, let the rest of ’em get riled up in traffic while you unwind in your seat at the bar.

For dinner, stuff your face silly with poutine and other trendy dishes. Then, if you’ve still got staying power, be a late-night owl. Another glass or two, and you’re gonna need that bowl of Hangover Soup from Seo Ra Beol.

The fall dining guide is chock-full of this intel and more from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s dining pros and chefs in the know who revealed their go-to destinations so that your every waking moment can be blissfully filled with great food and drink.

Loosen your belt, grab a fork and raise a glass, because there’s never been a better time to dine in Atlanta.

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