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‘Bad Boys for Life’ wraps up filming in Atlanta

'Bad Boys for Life' Wraps up Production The film's official Instagram account shared a behind-the-scenes picture of Will Smith and co-star Martin Lawrence. "That's a wrap. #BadBoysForLife 1.17.20" Smith and Lawrence are back as Detectives Mike Lowry and Marcus Burnett, who they first portrayed in the original 1995 'Bad Boys' film. The all-star cast will also include the likes of DJ Khaled, Jacob Scipio and Vanessa Hudgens among others. Via 'AP News'

They shut down streets and snarled traffic in Atlanta, but it looks like Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are done here.

Lawrence tweeted a photo of the duo with the caption “Bad Boys. It’s a wrap!” last week.

Smith and Lawrence began shooting “Bad Boys for Life,” the second sequel to “Bad Boys,” in January, with Atlanta masquerading as Miami.

The next day, production snarled traffic when part of Peachtree near Lenox Square mall was shut down.

The two reprise their roles as detectives Mike Lowrey (Smith) and Marcus Burnett (Lawrence), along with Joe Pantoliano returning as Capt. Howard.

Music producer and executive DJ Khaled joined the cast not long after filming started.

» DJ Khaled joins cast of 'Bad Boys' movie filming in Atlanta

The original — when Lawrence was 30 and Smith was 27 — came out in 1995 and generated $66 million, Rodney Ho reported on his AJC Radio & TV Talk blog. The 2003 sequel pulled in $138.6 million.

Lawrence is now 54, and Smith is 50.

The movie is expected to be in theaters next January.

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» Will Smith, Martin Lawrence begin shooting 'Bad Boys For Life' in Atlanta