Six Gwinnett schools receive nearly $50,000 in science and tech grants

Six Gwinnett County schools recently won a combined total of nearly $50,000 in grants from the Bosch Community Fund for projects related to science, technology, engineering and math.

Alcova Elementary, Jackson Elementary, Mill Creek High, Northbrook Middle, Osborne Middle and Paul Duke STEM High School are the winners.

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The schools were picked for excellence and commitment to those subjects, according to a news release from Gwinnett County Public Schools.

The largest grant award in Gwinnett went to Alcova Elementary, which will receive $12,425 for iMac desktop computers for the computer science program. Osborne Middle will also receive $11,625 for materials and training related to science, technology, engineering and math projects.

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The Bosch Community Fund is the North America charitable foundation for Bosch, the engineering and technology corporation.