Delta renews contract with American Express

Delta Air Lines is renewing its lucrative contract with American Express, striking a deal that extends through 2029.

With American Express, Delta offers blue, gold, platinum and reserve credit cards. The airline said there would be no change in card benefits.

Airlines generate millions of dollars in revenue by selling miles to credit card issuers.

Delta added 1 million new American Express card members annually for the past two years. The company said earlier this year that its relationship with American Express contributed $3.4 billion to Delta in 2018.

Delta said Tuesday that it expects its benefit from the relationship with American Express to double to nearly $7 billion annually by 2023.

The last Delta-AmEx deal was set to expire in 2022, but the two companies are renewing the agreement early. Delta is American Express’s largest co-brand partner and its only such consumer U.S. airline partner.

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