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AJC’s Top Workplaces extends nominations deadline to Nov. 15

Over 2,300 companies participated in AJC's 2018 Top Workplaces award But only 150 could be included in this year's Top Workplaces award Employees across the metro Atlanta responded to print and online surveys Energage −a Philadeplphia-based human resources consulting company − surveyed 256 metro area companies Throughout those companies, more than 55,000 employees participated Employees favored geniuine care from their employer and an investment in each employee Congratulations to all the winners!

Don’t miss your chance to let others know what a wonderful company you work for.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is seeking nominations for its 10th Annual Top Workplaces list and has extended the deadline to Nov. 15.

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So far, more than 200 companies have agreed to take the free Top Workplaces challenge and have employees complete a short 24-question survey.

Energage, the research partner for the project, conducts Top Workplaces surveys for 50 major metro newspapers and surveyed 2.6 million employees at more than 7,500 organizations in 2018.

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The AJC recognizes top leaders and companies that excel in training, benefits and direction.

If you are proud of your workplace, and your company was not on last year’s list, we need your input.

To nominate your company, go to or call 404-671-9425.

Nominations are open to all businesses, including non-profits, with at least 50 employees in a 17-county metro region.

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Anyone can nominate a company, including employees, executives and customers.

The AJC will publish its 10th Annual Top Workplaces special section on March 1, detailing the best places to work in metro Atlanta. Companies that make the list will be honored at a dinner event on Feb. 26 at the Georgia Aquarium.