Hartsfield-Jackson tops list of airports to find love connections during holidays

Credit: Nedra Rhone

Credit: Nedra Rhone

Love-light is in flight at Hartsfield-Jackson Airport.

Singles traveling through Atlanta this holiday season may be happy to learn that love could be lurking just around the bend of security check-in.

In advance of one of the busiest travel days this year, Match mined its database to determine which airports have the most missed connections.

About 2.8 million travelers are expected to pass through Hartsfield-Jackson over a 10-day period of Thanksgiving travel . According to Match, the chances are good that amid the flight delays, long lines and other frustrations, singles at the airport can find love at first flight.

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Atlanta’s airport topped the list along with Chicago and Los Angeles. At the bottom of the list are airports in Charlotte, Seattle and Las Vegas.

Match pulled the data from its  recently launched “Missed Connections” feature that allows users to see when they cross paths with potential mates. The opt-in feature uses location data to show matches that could have been made IRL.

While many apps use location data, Match says “Missed Connections” isn’t just about alerting you to other singles in the vicinity. It combines that location data with its matching algorithms to let you know when you have crossed paths with users you may be compatible with on many levels.

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To avoid stalker types, the feature only shows a missed connection, that is, where you have been in the past and it also offers the capability to block questionable users.

So if you’re single and experiencing flight delays at Hartsfield-Jackson, take a look around and you may find love.