Georgia burn victim gets a generous gift from Dr. Oz

Courtney Waldron gives a thumbs up at her new home. Image: Facebook
Courtney Waldron gives a thumbs up at her new home. Image: Facebook

Credit: Nedra Rhone

Credit: Nedra Rhone

On Monday, Waldron appeared on the show and received an oversized $5,000 gift card from to help her furnish her new home. The gift from Dr. Oz also included a swing set for Waldron's daughter, Caroline.

In Sept. 2016, Waldron was burned when she and her then husband were cooking dinner by campfire. Gasoline got on Waldron and she was immediately engulfed in flames. She tried to stop the burning by dropping and rolling, but about 40 percent of her body was burned.

Shortly after she returned home from undergoing a medically induced coma and multiple procedures, Waldron's husband left the family. Struggling to support herself and her daughter she depended on aid from her family and friends.

Waldron has received generous support from a Go Fund Me campaign which raised thousands of dollars over the past year.

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The single mom has been living with her parents while Refuge Ministries of West Georgia built her a new home on her parents’ property.

A number of contractors from the region contributed their time, services and materials to help complete the home. With the gift from Dr. Oz, Waldron will be able to add the finishing touches.

Waldron is documenting her recovery and the many acts of kindness she has received along the way on the Facebook page, Courtney's Comeback.

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