UGA grad, former Atlantan and 2008 winner Parvati Shallow on upcoming ‘Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains’

On the People's Choice Awards last night, CBS introduced the 20 contestants in the all-star version of "Survivor," including a UGA grad and former Atlantan: Parvati Shallow, who won $1 million on "Survivor: Micronesia" in 2008.

Shallow, who went by “Parv” on the show, won in her second attempt as part of the “fans vs. fan favorites” version of the show. She came in sixth the first time around on Cook Islands. In other words, this will be her THIRD time on the show. The fact she already won makes her an immediate target. Her chances of winning again? Slim to none.

A boxer, she used that analogy on the promo last night: “I feel like a heavyweight chance back to defend her title.”

This is what I wrote about her after she won:

This edition of "Survivor" distinguished itself via a series of blindsides and stupid moves. In the end, Shallow beat Amanda Kimmel five votes to three. She swayed the jury, including all the women, with a more straightforward argument why she deserved the $1 million.

"I think those girls appreciated that I played a very aggressive game and I didn't make any apologizes for the moves I made, " she said.

She’s being placed in the “villain” track though I don’t think she is the worst by any stretch of the imagination. Russell, who just finished up Samoa, was certainly more conniving (and he lost).

Here are the “heroes”:

Rupert Boneham, James Clement, Colby Donaldson, Cirie Fields, Amanda Kimmel, Jessica ‘Sugar’ Kiper, Stephenie LaGrossa, James “J.T.” Thomas, Tom Westman, and Candice Woodcock.

And the “villains.”

Russell Hantz, the cast of Villians also include Tyson Apostol, Randy Bailey, Sandra Diaz-Twine, Danielle DiLorenzo, Jerri Manthey, Rob “Boston Rob” Mariano, Parvati Shallow, Ben “Coach” Wade, and Courtney Yates.

Interestingly, when this was taped, nobody knew who Russell Hantz was. I wonder if he’ll be able to take advantage of that.

The 20th season of “Survivor” debuts February 11 on CBS.

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