Taylor Swift, post Kanye West, on… V-103? A strange Bull/V-103 connection

If you heard a Taylor Swift song on V-103 this morning, you weren't imagining things.

Obviously, the Kanye West dissing of Taylor Swift at the MTV VMAs last night was the talk of morning radio today. Frank Ski and Wanda Smith were excoriating West's behavior, as was everybody else.

But Smith wondered why Swift didn't thank Beyonce immediately for the airtime she gave Swift on stage later that night.

A 94.9/The Bull fan in his office overheard another colleague listening to V-103, according to Jason Pullman, Bull morning host. He thought Smith was overtly criticizing Swift so he called in to Pullman and Kristen Gates at the Bull. Pullman, curious, called V-103. The studio line was busy so he found the office line and got through to Ski and Smith live on the air.

So for the first time probably in the history of Atlanta radio, a country station morning team was gabbing with an R&B/hip-hop morning team at the same time. Ski said Smith clarified her position with Pullman and all was good in the world.

And probably at the risk of confusing its core audience, V-103 played “You Belong With Me,” Swift’s current hit song, which is actually a huge cross-over hit on Star 94 and Q100. And hey, why not? V-103’s morning show is No. 1 in Atlanta by a widening margin. They can do stuff like that and get away with it.

The Bull, in contrast, did not play any Kanye West songs. That would have caused a real ruckus, eh?