Us magazine: 'Bachelor' Jake Pavelka back to flying

By RODNEY HO/, filed Nov. 9, 2010

Us magazine reports that "The Bachelor" alum Jake Pavelka is working for Atlanta-based Delta Air Lines as a pilot but in reality, he appears to be back at work at Delta's connection carrier Atlantic Southeast Airlines.  He was seen flying from Atlanta to Augusta October 24 but is trying to keep the work low key, the story said.

For several years, Pavelka has worked for ASA, which is a separate Atlanta-based company from Delta but as a regional partner, works closely with the airline. That Atlanta-Augusta trip is an ASA route, which makes it fairly clear Pavelka has not been promoted to Delta.

At ASA, he flew out of Atlanta a decade ago but his base for most of his years has been out of Dallas. While there, he also tried his hand in acting.

When I interviewed Pavelka earlier this year, he said he was still employed with ASA, just on leave at the time.

Last year, he joined the ABC reality program "The Bachelorette" but didn't make the final cut. A few months later, he became "The Bachelor" and picked Vienna Girardi. Predictably, they broke it off after a few months.

He danced briefly on "Dancing With the Stars" in the spring. He has since been seeking acting gigs but the only notable job he has gotten that made it on screen is playing a "Bachelor"-type man in "Drop Dead Diva" on Lifetime's "Drop Dead Diva," shot in Peachtree City. It wasn't a big stretch.

An ASA spokeswoman said the airline does not comment about Pavelka or his status with them.

[This was original posted Tuesday night only with Us magazine's reference to Jake at Delta. This morning, with help from the blogger commenters below, it was obvious that he had merely gone back to his current employer ASA. Thanks for the clarification readers!]