680/The Fan becomes the Atlanta flagship for… the Florida Gators!

After three years airing Auburn football, the Fan today announced it is the flagship station for the Florida Gators, the No. 1 college football team in America.

With 790/The Zone airing Georgia Tech football and 750/WSB-AM doing the same with UGA, 680/The Fan has no local team to support. So why not take advantage of the huge influx of alums and fans from outside Atlanta?

"We're not only carrying the reigning national champs but it's also a direct plug in to some of the best football matchups in the country," said the Fan VP David Dickey, who is a Gator alum.

Is this a smart pickup by 680/The Fan?

  • The Gators are awesome. Can't wait!
  • Bring back Auburn!!!
  • Who cares? I'll be over at WSB (or the Zone) anyway.
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He noted that Florida will be playing Tennessee, South Carolina, Florida State and of course, UGA. So if you want to hear the game from two different perspectives on the radio this fall, this is your chance.

Dickey said the deal will go year by year but the station could go long term if it so chooses.

He feels Florida has a solid shot at winning again and bringing in plenty of listeners, too.

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