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UPS driver throws package, urinates on house

Sometimes Big Brown delivers a little yellow: UPS drivers have a tough job, especially in slow -- or stopped -- traffic. One Houston driver appeared to make up a little time by throwing a package over a fence and taking his bathroom break on a home . Unfortunately for the now-fired driver, the home had some really good security cameras. The homeowner, Ben Lucas, said his new "ammo cleaning machine" was broken by the throw and he feels like he "paid someone to pee on his home." Lucas said he called UPS to complain, but did not like their initial response. So, he learned how to edit video and uploaded it to the Atlanta-based shipping company's Facebook page. It didn't take long for Lucas to get a call from someone asking "What can Brown do for you?"

Can good football kill you? I doubt it, but a team of economists and health professionals looked at data from 1979 to 2009 and concluded that having a team play in the Super Bowl resulted in an 18 percent increase in influenza deaths . The Tulane University study suggest the increased deaths may be due to increased socialization of fans during the peak flu season. The city hosting a Super Bowl faces no increased health risks, the study says, but fans in the cities that send teams to the big game must be gathering in large groups, partying and coughing on each other. The good news? From what I've seen of the Falcons, Atlanta may have a record low number of flu deaths in 2015.

Nudity-loving cop avoids prison: I'm not sure what percent of people store nude photos of themselves on their phones, but police officers probably know. Former California Highway Patrol officer Sean Harrington pleaded "no contest" to felony charges that alleged he secretly copied and shared explicit photos of female DUI suspects with his fellow officers. Harrington admitted to looking through the phones of women he put in jail and forwarding their nude pics "four to six" times. One woman figured out her phone had been used to forward her photos to an unknown number -- Harrington's. DUI charges against her and another woman were later dropped by police. The officers who received the pictures were not punished. Harrington? He will be on felony probation for three years and must speak at a community violence solutions class. What makes the judge think anyone wants to listen to this guy?

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