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Basketball player now using 'F-bomb' last name on jersey

Sports fans are used to seeing unusual last names.

The Braves, for example, had a pitcher with the last name Spooneybarger. And you probably remember the Braves' former switch-hitting catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia, the owner of the longest name is baseball history.

Some unusual names are much shorter and profane.

One Canadian basketball player's name is only four letters long, the Washington Post tells us , but he's not been able to use it on a jersey because his last name is frequently used after hitting your thumb with a hammer.

The player, Guilherme Carbagiale F---, is from Brazil, but says his last name is of German origin. There's actually a town called F------ in Austria that keep having its signs stolen by drunken Americans. That town has tried to rename itself Fugging, but can't because another town is already using it .

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F--- originally played in the U.S., but was told by his coach he had to drop the F-bomb from his jersey.

Last summer, he began playing for a Canadian team and the coach there said he could use his unusual name.

“His last name is very important to him,” said coach Craig Price of the Medicine Hat college basketball team that F--- helped take to the Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association championship.

F---, who is 6 foot 6 and averages 18 points a game, said wearing his last name on his jersey is a dream come true. His next dream is to spread his name like his last name implies.

“I want to have kids,” he said in the Post. “I want to spread the F— last name.”

Despite the change to his jersey, he's still having trouble getting people to accept a word that is unprintable in a family newspaper is really someone's last name.

Coach Price said getting a trophy with F---'s last name engraved on it is almost fracking impossible.

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