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Why Charlie Sheen went off his HIV medications

Charlie Sheen temporarily went off the medication he has taken since being diagnosed HIV positive four years ago, he revealed during a recent appearance on "The Dr. Oz Show."

Burt Reynolds: Charlie Sheen is getting what he deserves

Charlie Sheen reveals HIV+ status

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Sheen paid $10 million to keep HIV status quiet, says finances are “not great”

Sheen’s doctor speaks out

"In his quest for a cure and experimental treatments, Sheen reveals to Dr. Oz some of the great lengths he’s explored for treatment including temporarily going off the medication he’s been on every day for 4 years," the "Dr. Oz" team said in a release.

“Yeah, there’s a host of side effects that are manageable," Sheen said during the Monday appearance. "I was just curious as I think a lot of people are. When you ingest something every day and you feel a certain way; I just got curious of what I might feel like off of this stuff. What was being professed if any part of it was true then I thought it was worth exploring.”

Sheen recently said he was determined to help find a cure.

“This disease picked the wrong guy. If anybody can fight this thing and discover a cure, it’s me,” he said during an interview with the National Enquirer.

Dr. Oz and Charlie Sheen went jogging as part of Sheen's appearance.

Sheen’s ex-girlfriend tested for HIV, says things are “stressful”

Heather Locklear offers prayers for Charlie Sheen

Sheen talked about the impact his condition has had on his relationships with his exes: “It didn't help. I don't know that I'm cut out for marriage to begin with. I'm 0 for 3. I'm just not good at it. I have amazing children as a result, I don’t regret that for one second. Denise (Richards) and Brooke (Mueller), they're doing the best that they can and they're both terrific mothers and, we don't always get along, but what divorced couple does?”

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