The time Tripp Halstead visited a Georgia movie set

Tripp Halstead captured hearts as he persevered after a horrible injury years ago - including Adam Sandler's.

When the comedy “Blended,” co-starring Drew Barrymore, set up shop in Flowery Branch the summer of 2013, the movie folks got in touch with the Halsteads.

“They said they would love to have Tripp come visit,” his mom Stacy Halstead said at the time. “My husband and my mom and Tripp’s nurse got to take him on the set. It was amazing. Everyone was so nice to them. All of them took turns coming up and meeting him.”

Tripp died Thursday night at 7. His passing has thousands of supporters offering condolences .

Stacy Halstead and her husband Bill dedicated their lives to caring for their son after a tree limb struck him five years ago, leaving him with a traumatic brain injury. They were determined Tripp would enjoy life as much as possible - and so were thrilled at the opportunity for a Hollywood encounter.

“They’re huge, A-list stars,” Stacy Halstead said after the movie-set visit. “It was very impressive that they would take the time to get to know Tripp and talk to him. They were so sweet and held his hand. It was a really big deal for them to take the time to come meet my baby.”

In May 2014, Tripp was the celebrity guest at an advance screening of "Blended." The movie, as a couple who meet first on a disastrous blind date but reconnect at a family resort, had its premiere at the AMC Parkway Pointe 15 in Cobb County.  

As the lights dimmed, Stacy Halstead leaned in close to her baby.

"You’re going to see your friends,” she said.

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