The beautiful bartenders at Atlanta's top strip clubs

Image: Pixabay

Credit: Jennifer Brett

Credit: Jennifer Brett

Image: Pixabay

Strippers are on strike in New York amid workplace tensions including what the entertainers say is growing competition from bartenders . The issue stems from a new trend among clubs, where gorgeous bartenders with robust social media followings have replaced the staid, fully clad mixologists of times gone by.

"Dancers vs the Bartenders. Smh... We all have to just face the fact that it's a new day," said hip hop DJ Kay Slay, (aka Keith Grayson), who shared some learned observations in a lengthy Instagram post . "It was a time where bartenders were only allowed to serve drinks and didn't wear the same attire as the dancers. The ladies did not change that rule the clubs did."

A Washington Post article about the dancer drama said many entertainers are heading elsewhere, including Atlanta, for better opportunities. But a search of social media postings indicates there are plenty of prominent "bottle girls" in the clubs here, too. Here's a look at some of the ladies ready to greet club patrons at some of Atlanta's top clubs, including T.I.'s V-Live:

The club, which attracts a steady stream of celeb clientele, is forthright in letting folks know their bartenders are something special:

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But it looks like they're reaching out to entertainers who may be dissatisfied with their working conditions in New York:

Here's a gorgeous Pink Pony bartender getting ready for her shift:

And one of her colleagues ..

Meanwhile at Magic City:

While the club's Instagram account does feature many images of the beautiful bartenders, photos like this seem to communicate to performers that they can expect to be compensated for their efforts: