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Someone packed a live 20-pound lobster in their carry-on luggage

TSA agents are pros at sporting scary stuff people try to take through airport security.

Like whatever this thing is .

In just one week earlier this year, inspectors found 73 guns in carry-on bags  (66 of which were loaded and 27 of which had a round chambered).

For a while there it seemed  people kept trying to get pink guns through airport security.

And then there was the time someone even flew with a corpse - which turned out to be a movie prop, mercifully.

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Well, add this to the list. Someone took a live, 20-pound lobster through security in Boston's Logan International Airport.

That's not against the rules, by the way, and the critter cooperated with inspectors, TSA spokesman  Michael McCarthy told the Associated Press .

But it did strike him as curious enough to post on his social media accounts. Wonder where the traveler is vacationing with his pet lobster?

(Or perhaps it's an emotional support animal ?)

Or, you know .. dinner.


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