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"Sharknado" could *totally* happen, KSU biology professor says

Given the joyous news that Syfy is rolling out “Sharknado 5” (FIVE!!) we have an even more tremendous news bulletin: "Sharknado" could totally happen, says Kennesaw State University’s Associate Dean for Research and Associate Professor of Biology Marcus Davis.

And by "totally happen" we mean a shark once was discovered on land after a cyclone ripped through Queensland, Australia, Davis said. The shark was dead, no chainsaws were involved and none of the celebs making cameos in Sharknado 5.0 - Fabio, Tony Hawk, Charo, Clay Aiken, Olivia Newton-John, Bret Michaels, Margaret Cho, Gilbert Gottfried, Porsha Williams and Chris Kattan - were on the scene.

"Before anyone panics, this incident demonstrates the important point, which is that any shark unlucky enough to be picked up by a waterspout or cyclone is not going to have a good day. Fear for the shark’s safety … not yours! " Davis said in a Q&A with Robert S. Godlewski of KSU's University Relations department , and excerpted here with permission.

VIDEO: Family catches two sharks in a South Carolina river

Among the cool (and actually true) points Davis makes:

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  • The earliest fossil evidence for sharks is around 420 million years old from the Silurian period in Earth’s history.
  • Sharks rarely attack humans, and when they do, it’s usually because they think we look like a sea turtle or seal, some of their favorite menu items.
  • The biggest shark ever was was a now-extinct species called Megalodon, which grew to be more than 50 feet long. Think of a school bus with teeth.
  • Modern-day great whites generally top out at around 20 feet. The biggest shark, the whale shark, grows to about 40 feet.
  • Sharks take naps!

Read the entire thing here. And admire KSU's quirky sense of humor and mad Photoshop skills:

That time a hammerhead shark showed up in KSU's pool .. Photo illustration!

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