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"50 Shades of Black" star Marlon Wayans: I'm the El Chapo of comedy

Marlon Wayans is serious about comedy. The star, co-writer and producer of the spoof "Fifty Shades of Black" was in town the other day to talk about his craft. My colleague Armani Martin and I got to hang out with the hilarious entertainer. [Check out Armani's video, above.]

"People know I’ll do virtually anything to make them laugh," he said. "What I do won’t change the world. I just want to change your mood. If comedy was a drug I’m going to be the El Chapo of comedy. Sean Penn’s going to want to interview me soon."

Marlon Wayans in an image from "Fifty Shades of Black."

The movie, due out Jan. 29, sends up the soft-porn "Fifty Shades of Grey."

Wayans got the idea for the parody at the height of the "Fifty Shades" book's popularity.

"I kept hearing about this book and would see girls curled up with this book all hot and bothered," he said. "Jokes just started coming to my mind: What if Christian Grey was actually black and was actually a really bad lover?"

Kali Hawk plays his love interest in "Fifty Shades of Black." The cast also includes Mike Epps, Andrew Bachelor, Affion Crockett, Jane Seymour, Fred Willard, Florence Henderson and Jenny Zigrino.

Here's the trailer:

What inspires Wayans? Everything.

"I find humor in everyday life," he said. "I find humor in pain. I find humor in the weirdest stuff. When people mostly are crying, I’m looking for jokes. When people are allergic to shell fish - as long as they live - it’s just fun to watch them swell up."

Yep, he went there.

"My job is to go into a dark cave and find humor," he said.

Although the movie might seem silly, creating a parody is actually tough work.

"The hardest movie to write is a parody," he said. "Try to be funny while you’re being serious. Parody takes so much research. You watch 200 movies to write a parody."

He watched the "Fifty Shades of Grey" movie numerous times so that his jokes would be based in reality. Yes, the movie looks raunchy but there's a thoughtful, grateful spirit behind it all.

"I have the best job in the world. I’m in the business of smiles," Wayans said. "I'll have the worst day sometimes and I get back on stage and make people smile. God sends you angels. Even the drunk guy in the crowd who’s heckling you - that devil is an angel. In life it’s all about getting better. That lesson you’re getting at your worst moment is your best moment."

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