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Police reunite a lost llama with its owner

It's been a llong week what with the fire and fury drama and all, but here's a llighthearted note to end on: A llost llama on the lloose has been reunited with its owners.

It happened in Granby, Conn., (human) population about 11,000.

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The police department has only 1,265 followers but but the alert was retweeted more than 11,000 times. Soon enough, all was well again

A similar escapade happened in Georgia earlier this year.

Around 4 p.m., dispatch notified me that someone had reported ‘a baby camel’ running loose in Epps Bridge Road. Our deputies are not trained in South American camelid identification, but they quickly determined that the animal in question was actually a llama,"  Chief Deputy Lee Weems posted at the time.

Deputies, with the assistance of, no kidding, several llama experts who just happened to be traveling on Epps Bridge Road at that exact moment, managed to corral the llama in the dumpster area behind the Cook Out.

"We would also like to thank the good folks at Cook Out for providing a bag of carrots to help lure the llama into the dumpster area," Weems posted. " Contact was made with the llama’s owner (thanks to new County Commission Chairman John Daniell who had his phone number), and the owner’s son came to the scene with a van and hauled the llama home. The llama belongs to a resident of Oconee County. We do not know at this time whether it just wanted to go for a stroll or if it was concerned about the weather forecast this weekend and was attempting to buy bread and milk. I asked, but it refused to answer questions. Perhaps this is because I don’t speak Spanish nor any of the native Peruvian languages."

Weems seemed amused at all the media interest, deadpanning, “Based upon the number of media outlets that are calling about the llama, I can only surmise that President-Elect Trump must not have tweeted anything, so, now they are scrambling for a story.”

That was back when Trump posting alarming stuff on Twitter was still sort of new. Like we said.. it's been a crazy week. Happy Friday, folks.

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