Mariah Carey on her disastrous live NYE performance: "%&* happens"

Mariah Carey has responded after her disastrous live performance last night with a succinct "(Bleep) happens." Her unedited response is below.

"I'm getting ready perform right before the ball drop on @NYRE ! Are you ready to celebrate?" she posted prior to taking the stage, with the nice photo above.

But as you can see things went completely off the rails:

In the above video clip, one of many posted by people who witnessed the mess, Mariah seems to be complaining that she can't hear and that they didn't do a proper mic check ahead of time. She had previously posted this photo from rehearsal. No hint of the ordeal to come:

Afterward Twitter weighed in on her performance:

A couple of hours into 2017, Mariah posted this response complete with fitting GIF: