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Khloe Kardashian blasted for posing with "Fidel" sign in Cuba

The thawing of U.S.-Cuba relations has sent the Kardashians their way, and Khloe Kardashian may break the Internet for whoever has it in the Communist dictatorship.

Which movie is filming in both Atlanta and Havana?

Khloe in Kuba. Image: Facebook

The Kardashians apparently are filming there. Khloe's choice of backdrop may be serendipitous but she's getting some flak for it.

"You USED to be my favourite Kardashian," Lourdes Cuesta-Arenal posted on Khloe's official, public Facebook page. "You should've thought about it twice before taking your pic with Fidel word the dictator/murderer in the background."

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“Posing below the name of a dictator is cool?” posted Natalie R. Rodríguez. “There are so many suffering over there and you're just there for the fun? I'm a huge Kardashian fan but this is super offensive to all Cubans. Can't believe this.”

“Khloe, this was definitely not a good choice,” posted Jennifer Martinez. “Maybe next time do a little history lesson before going to a communist country with a horrible dictator.”

Mashable pulled together some stats on average Cubans' access to the Internet. In short, it's not great:

"Only 5 percent of Cubans actually have access to the open Internet, according to Internet freedom watchdog Freedom House. Home connections are practically nonexistent, and only government officials, academics, doctors, engineers, or regime-approved journalists have Internet access at work, says Ellery Biddle, a researcher who has focused on Cuban Internet issues for the last six years."


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