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Jennifer Garner: I believe in miracles

Jennifer Garner , who stars in Atlanta-filmed "Miracles From Heaven," says she believes in the message of the movie.


Jennifer Garner says “Miracles From Heaven” led her back to church .. “Miracles From Heaven” producer says “God is still in the miracle business” ..  Jennifer Garner, Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Winslet all stayed in this Buckhead estate

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She discussed her role and her faith during a Q&A session with Facebook followers.

"The film isn’t preachy at all, it just shows you how this family got through what they got through," she said.

The movie, released March 16, is based on a memoir by Christy Beam. Her daughter Annabel was diagnosed with a rare and debilitating intestinal disorder. Following an accidental fall from a tree, Annabel was found to be free from the disorder, a recovery that baffled doctors. Her mother calls it a miracle.

Jennifer Garner told Facebook followers she believes in miracles.

"I was moved by Christy’s story," Jennifer said. "Christy is very much a person of faith. It’s not just black and white, clean, pretty. She has doubts, she struggles. Anybody who has any kind of faith should be able to push and pull at it and question it and not believe for a while and come back to it."

Garner has said filming the movie ultimately led her back to church, but noted during the Q&A that it underscored rather than changed her thinking.

"The film reaffirmed what I already believe," she said. You don’t have to go through some huge change. That was a real gift of the movie. I’m really grateful to the Beams for that little nudge."

She believed in miracles before working on the movie, and she believes in them now, she added.

Here's the entire video:

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