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Jane Fonda, Rosie O’Donnell, Michael Moore join anti-Trump movement

Jane Fonda, Rosie O’Donnell and Michael Moore are among the notable names behind a movement to oppose presidential hopeful Donald Trump.

Moore recently launched his "We Are All Muslim" protest outside Trump Tower in New York, and Trump singled out O'Donnell for derision during one of the presidential debates.

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The anti-Trump brigade also includes playwright and activist Eve Ensler, authors Alice Walker and Anne Lamott, feminist icon Gloria Steinem, longtime recording artist Harry Belafonte, author and academic Cornel West, linguist Noam Chomsky, Community Party USA and Black Panthers Party activist turned college professor Angela Davis, director Jonathan Demme, singer/songwriter Ani di Franco and TV/movie stars Danny Glover, Lily Tomlin, Kerry Washington, Cynthia Nixon,  Thandie Newton,  Kathy Najimy and Dylan McDermott.

The group, called "Stop Hate Dump Trump," issued this mission statement:

"To call out Donald Trump for his hatred, misogyny, Islamaphobia, and racism and to give platform for the voices of the silent majority of Americas who do not and will not stand for it.

To put the media and political institutions on notice that they are accountable for normalizing Trump’s extremism by treating it as entertainment, by giving it inordinate and unequal air time and by refusing to interrogate it or condemn it.

To inspire a collective awakening of people across all spectrums of the US to speak out and create actions to end hatred and inject values of respect inclusion, love and equality back into our national politics and to join and support the many existing groups already doing this work each and every day.

To let people across the world know there is another America that Trump does not represent or speak for and we will not be silent anymore."

The group's site is here.


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