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GOP hopeful Ted Cruz tweets well wishes to ailing Erick Erickson

GOP hopeful Ted Cruz has joined other prominent conservatives in sending well wishes to WSB radio host, pundit and Fox News contributor Erick Erickson, who revealed Sunday he's recovering from blood clots in his lungs.

PAST COVERAGE: Erick Erickson reveals serious diagnosis ..  The alarming photo Erick Erickson posted from his hospital bed

Erick Erickson, left, and Ted Cruz pray at the 2014 RedState gathering. AP photo

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Erickson, one of the most prominent voices in GOP politics as some members of the party seek to derail front-runner Donald Trump ahead of the Republican National Convention this summer, is on temporary hiatus while he gets better.

"I appreciate all the prayers, am glad to be home, and have learned my lesson to always listen to my wife and go to the doctor when she says to," Erickson told the AJC.

Prominent right-leaning social media practitioners including former presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, Fox News analyst Brit Hume and actor Adam Baldwin are among the many tweeting messages of support . Cruz has added his words of solace as well:

We haven't seen any public comment from Trump on Erickson, who banned him from last year's RedState Gathering over comments Trump made about Fox anchor Megyn Kelly.

Erickson, a former Macon City Council member turned conservative blogger, who appears weeknights on News 95.5 FM/AM 750 WSB, has filled in for national host Rush Limbaugh on occasion and has served as a Fox News contributor, revealed in an open letter posted online Sunday, "Over the course of the past few weeks my lungs have been filling with blood clots. The technical term in the medical report is that my lungs are 'showered' with clots. My blood oxygen level cratered to the point of numb lips and the act of putting shampoo in my hair was leaving me out of breath."

He updated followers on Monday to say he was being discharged from the hospital, where he'd been since Thursday. It's possible he'll be back on the air within a few days but said in his open letter than he was concentrating on recovery.

“Ecclesiastes says there is a time to heal and a time to be silent," he said. "My time for both has come"

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