Fan has chance encounter with Andre 3000 while wearing T-shirt with his face on it

Quick facts about Andre 3000 The artist was born Andre Benjamin on May 27, 1975 in Atlanta, Georgia He's best known as one half of the rap duo Outkast alongside Big Boi The Grammy-award winning group has released 6 studio albums Andre 3000 is also an actor, whose credits include "Four Brothers" and "Idlewild" He has a son named Seven Sirius Benjamin with singer Eyrkah Badu

“Oh my God you’re on my shirt rn”

When one woman put on a T-shirt blazoned with Andre 3000’s face, she had no idea she would run into the rapper while wearing it.

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Twitter user Tiana took to social media to gush about her chance encounter with the Atlantan. She wrote in a post Wednesday that she was strolling down a “silent block in Soho” when the Grammy award-winner emcee walked out of a coffee shop she was passing.

“'Oh my God you’re on my shirt rn.' He was acting just as hype as me, which maximized my level of happiness/excitement x10000. What a good day,” she tweeted.

In a later post, she shared a close-up image of the shirt, which shows Andre 3000 in his signature jumpsuit from Outkast’s 2014 reunion tour.

She also revealed that the artist snapped a couple of pictures to document the moment.

"One of the most exciting parts about this moment was that he actually took two photos of me posing in the shirt, hahaha," she wrote. "His energy was absolutely amazing though. I just wish I could explain the pause I took as he floated out of the (expletive) coffee shop on this calm (expletive) street lol."

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