Experts worry Kylie Jenner’s new walnut face scrub will cause micro-tears in the skin

Kylie Jenner has more than 108 million followers on Instagram. This is translating into serious cash per post for the 20-year-old. According to the firm D’Marie Analytics, she makes over $1,000,000 per post across her social media portfolio. This means that every one of Jenner’s tweets, Snapchat Stories or Instagram posts including is reportedly equivalent to $1 million. The Kylie Cosmetics founder’s sisters trail far behind.

Beauty guru Kylie Jenner’s skincare line hasn’t even launched in the United States yet, but experts and fans alike are already concerned about the new KylieSkin walnut scrub.

According to several Twitter users, a walnut exfoliant can leave micro-tears in the skin and cause premature aging. One licensed aesthetician chimed in, echoing others' concerns. Using the scrub every day will result in broken capillaries, she said.

Some folks pointed to the St. Ives apricot scrub lawsuit as evidence. The suit accused the popular skincare company of using crushed walnut powder in the product that led to "microscopic tears in the skin, exposing it to infections and irritation," according to Glamour.

“Crushed walnut powder sounds like it would be harmless—after all, it's just powder—but it's far from it,” the site reported.

In an interview with Business Insider, New York dermatologist Marisa Garshick said it's best to avoid harsh scrubs like the walnut scrub to get that desired glowy skin look.

“As an alternative, I recommend either chemical exfoliants, which are products containing glycolic acid, lactic acid among others which help to eliminate dead skin cells, or gentle polishing powders that are not designed to be rough on the skin,” she said, adding exfoliants should only be used a few times per week.