Elton John faces sexual harassment suit filed by Los Angeles police captain

Elton John has been sued by a Los Angeles police captain who once worked as an off-duty security guard for the singer.

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The lawsuit, filed Monday by Capt. Jeffrey Wenninger alleges groping and sexually suggestive comments; the entertainer's representatives characterized the charges as "baseless" and said the lawsuit was just an attempt at a payday.

"Wenninger's lawsuit against John accuses the singer of groping him while riding to an airport in late March 2014," the Associated Press reports. "Roughly two weeks later, the suit alleges, John committed other acts."

John maintains a residence in Atlanta, where he most recently performed at 2015's Music Midtown . Prior to the show he delighted an Open Hand client with a surprise visit.

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Just a few days ago John posted this photo from his place in Atlanta, after Young Thug paid him a visit:

Credit: Jennifer Brett

Credit: Jennifer Brett