Brantley Gilbert donates $10.5 million to Toys for Tots

Country star and Georgia native Brantley Gilbert is spreading plenty of Christmas cheer this holiday season with a $10.5 million donation to the  Marine Toys for Tots Foundation.

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“Growing up in rural Georgia, I know that sometimes Christmas isn’t a time of joy for some kids and our contribution might be all they receive this year so I really wanted our donation to matter," the Jefferson native said in a statement. He's partnering with child activity creator Bendon to make the hugely generous gift.

Bentley isn't one for small gestures. Two months after  the terrorist attack on a Chattanooga military base and recruiting center he put on a free concert. Themed "CHATTANOOGA UNITE: A TRIBUTE ON THE RIVER," the Sept 16 event was a daylong celebration that included a parade, fireworks and his hit anthem “One Hell of an Amen.”

He also had an image of the Second Amendment tattooed on his back to show his support.


"I’m honored the folks and Bendon understood why I wanted to work with them and Toys for Tots," he said. "Bendon’s books have some pretty cool heroes and lessons for all ages like Batman, Superman and Clifford the Big Red Dog to Disney, Peanuts and some of my favorites, Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn. Whether a kid is into Barbie or Star Wars, I hope we’ve given a bit of fun and inspiration.”

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