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Bobbi Kristina's aunt blames "evil person" for her plight

Bobbi Kristina Brown's aunt Leolah says "some evil pitiful person" is responsible for the 22-year-old's ongoing medical plight.

In a recent update to her Facebook page, where she has been keeping supporters apprised of Bobbi Kristina's situation, Leolah Brown expressed her belief that her niece's ordeal was caused by someone, and that it should be a cautionary tale for others.

Bobbi Kristina's aunt Leolah posted this photo of herself with her brother Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston. She has been posting uplifting words about her niece.

Bobbi Kristina's dad, Bobby Brown, and grandmother, Cissy Houston, have been issuing differing statements on her condition in recent days. Brown told concert goers that his daughter is "awake" while Houston has said her granddaughter's condition is unchanged and there's "not a great deal of hope."

Leolah has posted uplifting messages about her niece in the past. "My Krissy is alright" one message read. Another expressed optimism she would "get back to great health."

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But she struck a tone of anger in her most recent post. Here's an excerpt:

"I am a peaceful person don't get me wrong. But I am angry right now because some evil pitiful person took advantage of my niece Bobbi Kriss and caused her to be where she is today! That is a good reason to be angry if you ask just about any human being. But thank God~Inspite of what they tried to do SHE IS HERE!

Leolah Brown, far right, was among the relatives who attended a public prayer vigil for Bobbi Kristina. AJC photo by Ben Gray.

"If nothing else, I want YOU to take my families tragedy and learn from it this day. Don't worry about what I say or do in my FB. Its mine! It's my anger, my niece, my business! My prerogative to do as I feel right now.

"I say this to say, YOU watch the people around YOU & YOURS! Please! Because, there are people like this even in your lives right as I speak. People who hate on you or people who seek to do you or your family members harm for no reason other than to gain something they feel they need or something they simply lust for.

"People are just pure evil! They try to divide and conquer is what they will try to do! Especially when they see you love each other or there is unity between you and your family members."

Leolah was among the Brown family members who attended a public vigil for Bobbi Kristina. Afterward we talked to her for a few minutes; here's a video clip of her comments.


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