Atlantan in Paris has a message for terrorists: "We are stronger than you"

Ann Huff, who with her business partner Meg Harrington makes frequent visits to Paris to stock their Buckhead store Huff Harrington Home and art gallery Huff Harrington Fine Art with an assortment of unique and delightful treasures, had just wrapped up another visit in her adopted second city when Islamic State terrorists struck. Nearly 130 were killed and hundreds injured.

The massacre will not keep Huff from returning. Here are excerpts from a piece she penned these thoughts on her way home:

"I write this as I am sitting on a plane from Paris to Atlanta, following an idyllic week in Paris and the South of France, doing everything I love best.

And then this. A disgusting, disheartening, and despicable turn of events, that makes me bubble over with anger – and resolve.

Credit: Jennifer Brett

Credit: Jennifer Brett

To the terrorists who invaded the most beautiful city in the world and robbed precious innocent people of their lives and their loved ones; who tried to shock the world into fear and paralyze the City of Light, who tried to shake up the world economy and aggress those of us who work for a living, I have a couple of things to say to you: YOU DISGUST ME, YOU HORRIBLE SHAMEFUL, DESPICABLE COWARDS! You are not going to win this war. Because we are only getting stronger.

You have killed innocent people, who had no reason to die, in Paris, in Beirut, in Baghdad and Russia and created millions of homeless refugees. You may think you’ve scared and intimidated the rest of the world through your cowardice and shameful acts, but you underestimate us. Just thinking about you and your savage ways makes me resolve to fight back in the way I like to fight, which is to become a better person. It’s hard to find good in all of this, but if anything, you’ve taught me to appreciate life more:

I will go back to Paris! You have not kept me away. I will walk the boulevards, take the metro, shop the stores, visit the museums, eat in the restaurants and marvel at the beautiful views on every street corner and bridge, just as I did this past week and always will.

I will travel again, and smile more at the security agents and welcome the jobs that they have unfortunately submitted to doing for all of us.

I will happily fly on my favorite hometown airline and show my support to them and to all their brave crew who do not fear your taunts.

I will continue to happily work with our wonderful French colleagues and appreciate even more our dealings with them, which are always strengthened by our mutual respect and admiration for each other and a shared love of life (not to mention a laugh, a twinkle in the eye and a glass of wine!)

I’m not interested that you have failed. I’m only interested in making this world a better place.

Yes, we are all hurt, in shock, angered, and mad. Just wait to see the world’s response to your actions. But I know we are all determined. I know we are resolved to move forward with kindness, faith, love and the knowledge that these things make us better than you. I know we will not be intimidated. We are one.

We are stronger than you."