Atlanta welcomes Frank Ski back with heartfelt, hilarious tributes

"Frank Ski? FRANK SKI???? OH MY GOD!"

A caller who dialed V-103 by mistake was just one (but by far the most hilarious) of the many listeners who welcomed the broadcaster back to the radio dial.

"I just want to open the mic and talk to the people,” he said during an interview with the AJC prior to his return . On Saturday morning, that's just what he did.

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He will be on from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturdays and 7 to 11 p.m. Sundays.

"This is going to be one heck of a show today," he said as he launched into the program. "I’m just acclimating myself back to the ATL and talking to my people on the phone."

The first song in the rotation was Beyoncé's "Formation," which inspired Ski to chide fellas who try to dance to it in the club. He also discussed topics including completing weekend "Honey Do" lists young and ladies' prom attire. Too little fabric, too much flesh, in his opinion, which may be why God gave him sons and no daughters, he mused.

One caller asked why he left, to which he answered nothing ventured, nothing gained.

In the interview with the AJC , Ski said his time away, which included a stint at a Washington, D.C. station, gave him a chance to view the Atlanta market anew and sharpen his digital skills.

Saturday's callers included some high-profile voices including former Atlanta Mayor Sam Massell, the president of the Buckhead Coalition, and mega producer Will Packer. Most callers were area residents just thrilled to hear Ski on air again.

"All the knowledge you gave Atlanta all the years, you’ve been missed," one guy said.

Another jokingly lamented that his wife had him up bright and early running errands.

"You know how women are," Ski chuckled in sympathy.

Then came a lady who either dialed the wrong number or called the radio station looking for someone else.

"Who is this? Who am I speaking with?" she asked.

"This is Frank," he deadpanned.

"Frank..Frank..Frank?" she said, trying to sort it out.

"You forgot me that fast? After all that time we spent together, you totally forgot about me?" he laughed. "This how you do with all your men?"

The caller then realized who she was talking to.

"Frank Ski? FRANK SKI?? Oh my God!"

Yep. Atlanta, Frank Ski is back.

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