AJC columnist turned novelist to sign books at Manuel's

So many of Atlanta's key moments involve traffic - the 2-inch "blizzard" of 2014 that stuck thousands of drivers on the roads overnight, the political debates over the Outer Perimeter, Northern Arc and T-SPLOST (all unsuccessful; we must love sitting still).

As a journalist who covered traffic for years as the Atlanta Journal-Constitution's "Lane Ranger" columnist, Joey Ledford headed for familiar ground for his first novel, "Speed Trap."

The book is set in a small south Georgia town in 1959 and involves dueling politicians, a tourist-unfriendly ticketing scheme and a murder mystery.

“Yes, this was inspired by an old ‘Lane Ranger’ story,” Ledford said. To find out which one, head to Manuel’s, 602 North Highland Ave. NE at 7:30 p.m. Feb. 12 where Ledford will read from his book and sign copies.

Traffic is murder.