POLL: What's your favorite diner in Atlanta?

Some diners in Atlanta have really great food.

There's nothing like walking in an establishment without a reservation and landing a coveted window seat during lunch. Or, realizing that the day's quiche special is just want you want. Or, forgoing a home-cooked breakfast for one that closely resembles (and is possibly better) what you would have tossed on the stove if you weren't so fatigued. Or, realizing that you may spend more time and money buying eggs, turkey bacon, pancake mix, blueberries and orange juice to make breakfast, so instead, you swing by your favorite diner that also offers free candy at the end of your meal.

All of this brings me today’s poll: What's your favorite diner in Atlanta?

Vote in the poll and share your thoughts in the comments section. Poll results will post in two weeks so get to voting, sharing on social or discussing amongst friends.

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