POLL: Have you ever eaten your coworker's lunch?

In communal kitchens at work, anything can go wrong—or missing.

My sister had a terrible cold. One morning, she bought a 16-ounce bottle of orange juice, took a few sips then placed it in the refrigerator at work—with her full name written on the bottle cap. By lunch, she noticed almost all of her juice had been drunk. She discarded the remainder. During lunch, she bought another, drank a bit and placed it in the refrigerator with her name. This time, someone snagged the entire bottle.

All sorts of things have gone missing at previous places I’ve worked at too. My favorite Fage yogurt? Gone. Sandwich from my favorite shop in town? Eaten, but the bandit left the chips. Home-made lasagna with my specialty turkey sauce? Consumed, just not by me. A new carton of milk for my cereal? Opened without my permission, though I had a feeling it was a coworker who habitually “pinched” a little of this and that from everyone. She intentionally went in the office refrigerator and swiped portions of other people's food.

All of this brings me to today's poll: Have you ever eaten your coworker's lunch?

Vote in the poll and share your thoughts in the comments section. Poll results will post in two weeks so get to voting, sharing on social or discussing during lunch—your own lunch, of course.