Photo: Kelly Yamanouchi/AJC@ATL
Photo: Kelly Yamanouchi/AJC@ATL

TSA PreCheck enrollment center opens at Staples in Marietta 

Through a partnership between Staples and a TSA PreCheck enrollment provider, a new center to sign up for the trusted traveler program is now open at a Staples in Marietta.

In-town enrollment centers allow people to sign up for the TSA program for expedited screening, in advance of their next trip without having to go to the airport.

The new center to sign up for TSA PreCheck is inside a Staples at 2535 Dallas Highway in Marietta. It costs $85 to enroll for five years.

With PreCheck, travelers can go through expedited screening lines and get a chance to avoid some of the requirements, by keeping their shoes on and keeping their laptops and permitted liquids in their bags.

According to officials, 92 percent of PreCheck passengers wait less than five minutes in security lanes.

Another PreCheck enrollment center will open at a Staples in Alpharetta. That location, at 945 N Point Dr. in Alpharetta, is set to open Sept. 7, according to a website on the enrollment centers.

TSA contractor IDEMIA, previously known as MorphoTrust, runs the IdentoGO enrollment centers for the PreCheck program. IDEMIA is opening enrollment centers inside 50 Staples stores nationally.

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