Flight cuts: Delta planes parked on Atlanta airport runway, taxiways

Source: Hartsfield-Jackson

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Source: Hartsfield-Jackson

Dozens of commercial jets are parked along a runway and taxiways at the world's busiest airport, as Delta Air Lines slashes flights and grounds more than 600 planes due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Atlanta-based Delta, which is the dominant carrier at Hartsfied-Jackson International Airport, announced this week that it is cutting flights 80% and parking at least half of its fleet.

According to Hartsfield-Jackson, "The drawdown in commercial air traffic is forcing airlines to temporarily stage aircraft." As a result, the Atlanta airport is implementing its overflow parking plan.

As of Friday, there are 42 planes parked on taxiways on the south side of the airfield at Hartsfield-Jackson and along its fifth runway.

The airport said its parking plan can accommodate approximately 150 planes on the south side of the airport.

Delta said it is parking planes at locations across the country, including at its hub airports with available space and at aircraft storage locations.

Delta and other airlines regularly store aircraft at airplane boneyards in the desert, including in Marana, Ariz.

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