Delta using biofuels for transport of new planes from assembly site

Source: Delta Air Lines

Source: Delta Air Lines

Delta Air Lines says it is using biofuels to transport its new airplanes from an Airbus assembly site in Mobile, Ala.

Atlanta-based Delta said the flights to deliver the aircraft will be carbon-neutral through the use of biofuels from Air BP combined with carbon offsets.

The first of 20 carbon-neutral delivery flights will be an Airbus A321 transported Friday from Mobile to a Kansas City facility where the aircraft will be prepared to enter into service.

Delta said it's part of an effort to reduce its carbon emissions by 50 percent by 2050. The company's managing director of global environment, sustainability and compliance Alison Lathrop in a written statement called the carbon-neutral delivery flight "a milestone on Delta's sustainability journey."

The Federal Aviation Administration has a process for approving biofuels for use in air travel.