Instacart offers part-time positions

Instacart, the grocery delivery service that launched one year ago in Atlanta, has announced that it will offering permanent gigs to its personal shoppers.

Instacart users know that personal shoppers are the individuals who actually pick items in-store to fill the orders placed online for delivery. The part-time employee positions are available in five of 16 cities that Instacart serves including Atlanta, Miami and Washington, DC.

According to Instacart Founder and CEO, Apoorva Mehta, the new approach will help the company to better train shoppers and improve the quality of order picking.

It makes sense as I’m sure one of the main customer complaints for grocery delivery services is getting crappy produce or bad substitutions from ambivalent or untrained personal shoppers. If your performance is tied to an actual staff job as opposed to being a contract worker,  it could be an incentive to do better.

Instacart announced the new option on June 22 and the company expects the majority of its current in-store contractors to apply for part-time employee status.

Of course, this also means the company is opting for a more traditional company structure which means maybe we aren’t all as ready as we think we are for a fully crowdsourced workforce.

Instacart offers free delivery on your first order of $10 or more or you can opt for the Amazon-like membership, Instacart Express for $99 per year, which eliminates fees for orders of $35 or more. Visit for more details.