Toys from the 80’s and 90’s that are now worth big bucks

Remember the Beanie Baby craze from decades past that sent collectors into a frenzy?

The cute, stuffed plush animals introduced in 1993 were hot items by 1995. When Ty began retiring designs, they rose in value. But not indefinitely.

But, the craze ended around 1999. Beanie Babies would have been a thing of the past, if consumer demand had not led the company to bring them back. Now Beanie Babies are among the few popular toys from the 80’s and 90’s to depreciate in value rather than appreciate.

Today, new Beanie Babies costs $7, a "vintage" version from 1993 is $1.79, according to an infographic from Kaizen Search, a content marketing firm in the UK.

Here are a few other childhood toys that have increased in value, along with the current price and how much the original version is worth:

  • You can buy 2014 Barbie & Ken dolls for about $20 each, but the 1959 versions are valued at $1,525.
  • Cabbage Patch dolls haven't changed a bit. Get the 2014 version for $45. The 1984 version is $46.
  • A Wii u is $350. A Nintendo Entertainment System from 1985 is worth $760.
  • Buy Polly Pocket in-stores now for about $24.50. The 1989 version is valued at $399.
  • A Dream Phone from 1991 is worth $139. You can buy a new one today for $47.50.
  • Pogs from 1991 are worth $25. The 2014 version costs $14.60.
  • A 1998 Tamagotchi would go for about $375. The 2014 toy sells for $25.
  • If you saved your Charizard Pokemon Cards from 1999, they are now worth $1,895. Today a set would cost you $17.84.
  • Furby made a comeback in 2012 and it costs just under $30 now. But if you have a 1999 version, it is worth $549.