Date like a man?

Many women are used to being pursued and know how to sit and enjoy male attention. When it comes to flipping the script and asking men out, we shy away from it. Honestly, I think more women would try it if they knew how to turn on the charm.

It takes a lot of confidence to risk rejection and ask someone out. I usually make sure I have an event to invite someone to, like concert or some sport. There is less pressure and you can make it sound appealing. If the guy is attracted to you enough, he would go anywhere you want!

What men do in dating, that women should try more of? Relaxing! Don’t go overboard with anything and keep it fun. When you aren’t focused on too much you can showcase your personality and fun side.

Ladies would you ask a man out? What do men do in dating that you believe women should try to mirror?

Guys, do you have advice for women on how to approach someone?