What are some Father’s Day present ideas for far-away dads?

Michael will be in Brazil for Father’s Day and my own dad will be in Georgia so we’re not having too much luck trying to celebrate Father’s Day this year.

I don’t think we will try to send anything to Brazil for Father’s Day. I didn’t have any luck sending Michael care packages to Russia during the Olympics. Michael’s secretary hooked me up with APs head of logistics who told me it sure was sweet but there was no way in hell any packages would make it to him. I’m not sure we would fare much better in Brazil.

However, Georgia is a different story. I think I am going to call my old Publix and order my dad his favorite cake — a coconut cake. The last two years I have called Publix and ordered my mom a birthday cake and flowers, and they have it all ready for my dad to pick up. I’m sure my mom would pick up the cake for him.

My dad also loves movies so I will either try to send some passes or ask my mom to grab some at Publix too.

I think we will celebrate Father’s Day with Michael when he comes to drive us across the country at the beginning of July. (We celebrated driving across four years ago when we moved here.) I need to try to think of different things we can do in the car to make him feel special. (Not annoy him? Let him pick the radio station? Keep the dog away from him? Clearly I need some ideas.)

So how do you handle Father’s Day for far-away dads or granddads? What are some special things we can do for Michael when gets back? How will you be celebrating this year?