Atlanta weather | Sunglasses weather for today, tomorrow

Slap on the Ray-Bans, metro Atlanta. Slip into a long-sleeve T. Shorts or long pants? Your call.

But what should be mandatory on this sun-spangled day: get outside. This is a day the Lord has made.

Today began with cool breaths of wind, followed by bright sun in a nearly flawless sky. It should stay that way for the rest of the day, Channel 2 Action News meteorologist Brian Monahan said.

“Your weekend,” he said, “is finishing up breezy.”

Breezy and beautiful. The high today should hit 71 — a noticeable bump from a 50-degree low before daylight.

Monday morning? It’ll be milder, partly cloudy. The forecast high is 76; the low, 52. There’s 10 percent chance of rain.

Moving into the week, the metro area gets even warmer. Expect a high of 80 Tuesday and Wednesday. There’s also a 3 out of 10 chance you’ll need an umbrella those days; isolated storms are forecast.

You can credit an earlier weather pattern for the impending temperature change, Monahan said. “Yesterday’s (Saturday’s) cold front is returning back around as a warm front,” he said.

Coming around, then backing off. By Thursday, he said, temperatures will drop slightly. The high that day should be 72.

Now, reach those shades.